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Hey there! I'm Athea.

I help you create alignment in your life + career so you can lead a life of impact, fulfillment, and freedom.

Change and challenge is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to knock you sideways. I will teach you how to take your toughest challenges and turn them into your greatest strengths.

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When life throws you a curveball, I give you the framework and strategies to succeed.

Join my Mind Declutter newsletter where I share information, insights, research, evidence-based practices, and personal anecdotes that may challenge your thinking, broaden your perspective, and deepen your experience as a human.

I’ll also send you my Mind Declutter Action Plan - 5 things you need to be doing right now to let go, cultivate courage, and take intentional action to make the life + career changes you deserve.

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Connect, learn, grow, and succeed on your own terms to create a more authentic, balanced, and aligned life–personally and professionally.

Turn the changes and challenges in your life into your greatest opportunity with my step-by-step guidance.

Whether you need more specialized attention with my Connect service, or a broader learning experience in my Learn program, or a full deep dive in my Grow experience, you will get the changes you’ve been thinking about with more confidence and ease, the personal guidance you deserve, and the transformation you’ve been dreaming about.

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(the consult)

Research says that live feedback is the fastest and most effective way to grow.

For more individualized and custom support, you can choose 1-1 coaching with me.

Sessions are held virtually for 1 hour.

To discuss your custom Connect experience, schedule a free 15-minute chat with me.

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(the course)

My comprehensive course, InnerSHIFT, consists of several modules that teach you the tools and skills you need for optimal alignment, growth, and success in your life + career.

This course is a hybrid course, meaning the video modules are pre-recorded with all the materials available for downloading (fully self-paced with weekly emails from me during your enrollment in the course), along with live check-ins from me every week.

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(the immersion)

The immersion experience is a multi-day nature retreat-style experience that combines hiking, learning, meditation + yoga, reflection practices, and community.

Each immersion is unique. It gives you the opportunity to 10x your growth. Ranges in date, price, and location.

No prior experience is necessary.

Whole life alignment and step-by-step personal guidance.

Connect • Learn • Grow • Succeed
On your own terms.

As a teacher and a coach, the foundation of my work is steeped in the intersection of education, philosophy, contemplative practices (including mindfulness, meditation, and yoga), health and wellness, and mind science (including cognitive science, neuroscience, and psychology).

I help you understand why “we do what we do” from an inner framework perspective so you can bring awareness to the thoughts, emotions, identities, and beliefs that may be stifling your growth and help you take intentional action to make positive changes so you can start living a life filled with impact, fulfillment, and freedom.

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About Me

I know what it means to face uncertainty and question everything. I faced immense loss and tragedy in my life.

I wrote in my book, Today’s Gonna Be Awesomesauce: Daily Meditations for Youth, Parents & Families, that I had three choices. Do nothing. Wallow in the pain. Or, take a stand for the power love holds in our lives. I chose the latter and have been on a mission ever since to share the tools, practices, and inner framework that transformed my toughest tragedy into my greatest strength and led me to live a life of impact, fulfillment, and freedom.

If it happened for me, I know it can happen for you. I want to teach you how.

Athea Davis smiling and laughing in the park on a beautiful sunny day


I transitioned from law to education over a decade ago. There were a lot of challenges and a gut wrenching tragedy - suicide. But born from that dark experience, was a fiery passion for understanding the mind and a resolute resilience to rise from such a traumatic experience and share what I’ve learned about life, fulfillment, and freedom.

I created my first business, Sol Sense Yoga to bring practical, relatable, and fun-filled yoga + mindfulness to children and families of all ages and backgrounds. I taught large public classes and workshops for kids, adults, and families, and eventually focused on 1-1 work with kids with special needs, including kids diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), generalized anxiety disorder, including generalized anxiety disorder affecting speech and public speaking.

I’ve taught hundreds of adolescents in the juvenile justice system, trained camp counselors, church leaders and personnel, law firms, business organizations, and large school districts to integrate mindfulness and yoga into their lives and organizations to cultivate more self-awareness, build stronger relationships, and refine self-management strategies for better well-being and cohesion.

Many classes, trainings, on-line courses, resources, articles, a book, and podcasts later, I transformed that business into an intrapreneurship opportunity with a Texas Charter School in 2022, becoming their founding Director of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).

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Are you ready to make that big change, but worried it won’t work out?

If you are...
~ Navigating a personal or professional challenge,
~ Feeling out of balance and not like yourself, or
~ Ready to make a change...

My Process

When you choose to work with me, here’s what happens.

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person on computer icon Step 1 - Choose the Connect, Learn, or Grow Option

For more personalized support, Connect is a great start.

For personalized support and community, Grow is your best option.

If you’re a self-paced kind of person, you’ll love the Learn option.

checkmark icon Step 2 - Payment

The Connect service requires payment in full.

The Learn and Grow services require a deposit to hold your spot. Deposits are 35% of the full market price.

Payment plans are available for the Learn and Grow services.

speech bubbles icon Step 3 - Get Started

Schedule a free 15-minute connect call to get started with any option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you help?

My services, classes, and programs are for anyone ready to make a change in their life and/or career.

If you’re navigating difficulty, change, or challenge in any way and you are ready to steer your life and career on a different trajectory - one that is more aligned with your whole self - then my services, classes, and programs are for you. Your background is irrelevant here. I guide people with a variety of backgrounds in education, medicine, law, entrepreneurship, moms, dads, dog parents, and anyone ready to seek fulfillment and freedom in their life. What matters is your willingness to begin.

What results do your services, classes, and programs have?

I guide you to create alignment in your life + career so you can lead a life of impact, fulfillment, and freedom. The teachings, tools, and practices I share in my programs are evidence-based. That means I teach you the practical applications of findings from the best available current research in education, contemplative practices, and mind science.

I also use guiding philosophical principles in my teachings which have been taught for thousands of years by some of the greatest thinkers and wisdom knowers in the world.

You will absolutely get results when you put my teachings into practice. Your willingness to begin honestly and earnestly, and take intentional action will make these tools and practices come alive in your life and career.

Results happen through great teaching, data-driven practices, and accountability. You will get that, and so much more when working with me.

What sets you apart from the crowd?

There are so many great teachers and coaches in the world. For all the good ones, there are also, unfortunately, a lot of charlatans.

I have taught thousands of people over the years many of the practices I share in my classes and programs - from young students navigating the ever-changing landscape of education, to those dealing with grief and loss, struggling to manage unhealthy behavior patterns, people wanting to get promoted in their careers or start their own business, and others deeply wanting to discover and create more meaningful work in the world.

I turned one of the toughest tragedies of my life into my greatest strength. I learned that courage isn’t something you read, it’s something you embody and to embody courage is a process. I teach that process to you. I don’t sit and dream. I dream and do. I make things happen. And I will help you do the same thing - make some great things happen in your life + career.

Where should I start?

You can start anywhere. There is no specific order you need to follow to obtain results. It all depends on what you are ready for and what you are willing to try.

For a more personalized approach, you definitely want to start with the Connect program.

If you enjoy learning at your own pace and networking with other like-minded individuals, I highly recommend starting with the Learn program. 

You can also 10x your growth factor by starting with my Grow program if you enjoy immersion learning experiences in a community of committed change makers.

Ready? Contact me to get started.

Do you have any guarantees?

I guarantee my teachings and programs 110%.

If you’re not satisfied with my services you will receive your money back. I have a process in place for these requests. Please email me with these inquiries.

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Contact Me

When life is completely out of balance, you feel stuck, and lack the confidence or energy, make a change and move forward with help from a friend.

I'd love to help and provide you with a safe place to learn, grow, and succeed.

Reach out, I can't wait to hear from you.

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“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your existence is an act of rebellion.” ~ Albert Camus

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